Please enjoy short trip to the MATSUYASHIKI GARDEN of autumn leaves.

Shooting day: Nov.12, 2021


MATSUYASHIKI is a private villa and garden in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, about less than 2 hours by train from Tokyo. Conveniently located near the World Heritage sites Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnoji Temple, Matsuyashiki offers access to the best of tourist destinations in Nikko, as well as, the seclusion of a private garden.
MATSUYASHIKI provides magnificent landscapes and quiet surroundings. You can find plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, azaleas in spring, fresh greens in the early summer and deep greens in late summer. The best and the most beautiful season of MATSUYASHIKI arrives in autumn when the maples turn red throughout the garden.
In any season, you will always enjoy the twittering of birds, gentle breezes, sounds of flowing waterfalls into the pond, and occasionally, some wild deer playing about.
MATSUYASHIKI has been preserved as a private property for more than 100 years.
Since April 2016, only the garden area is open to public for a limited date.


MATSUYASHIKI and Kanaya Family

This property, about 33,000 square meters, is called “MATSUYASHIKI.”
MATSU means pine tree in Japanese. With more than 150 Japanese red pine trees on the premises, this is the reason why this property is called MATSUYASHIKI. (YASHIKI means residence.)
The story begins from the very beginning of Meiji era (1873).
Nikko had been appreciated by foreigners as resort due to its beautiful natural environment and historical heritage. Zen-ichiro Kanaya, a member of Gagaku (old Japanese court music) orchestra of Toshogu Shrine at that time, volunteered his private house as an accommodation for foreigners visiting Nikko.
Dr. James C. Hepburn, American physician and Christian missionary to Japan, who stayed several times at Kanaya’s house, recommended Zen-ichiro open a hotel for foreigners. This is the beginning of Kanaya Hotel. This lodge was called “Kanaya Cottage Inn” which is now open to public as “Kanaya History Museum” where it was.
In 1893, Zen-ichiro opened “Nikko Kanaya Hotel”, expanded to 2stories 30rooms building, where it is now. Kanaya Hotel has been in operation ever since.
Kanaya Hotel’s management passed from Zen-ichiro to his eldest son Shin-ichi.
The second son, Shozo Yamaguchi, became a director of the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone as son in law of the founder. Zen-ichiro’s eldest daughter Tama also managed Kinugawa Onsen Hotel (Nikko-Kinugawa area) with her husband Masanari. There is no doubt that hotel business is a vocation of Kanaya Family.
Shin-ichi Kanaya, 2nd representative director of Kanaya Hotel, had 2 daughters.
The eldest daughter Hanako was married with Masao (Kanaya) who became 3rd representative director of the Hotel later. However, Shin-ichi was always concerned about his second daughter Yukiko whose health was delicate. Shin-ichi and his younger brother Shozo Yamaguchi owned a property at Hangakimen not far from the Hotel. Shin-ichi moved an old Japanese house onto the Hangakimen property and made it Yukiko’s rest home. This is MATSUYASHIKI.
While MATSUYASHIKI is not far from Kanaya Hotel, the climate and natural environment aided a dramatic recovery of Yukiko’s health. She even started engaging with a dairy business and producing fresh milk and butter for a while using the Kanaya brand.
Yukiko passed away at the age of 60.

MATSUYASHIKI regeneration

After Yukiko Kanaya, the property went vacant for a long time.
To refresh and maintain this beautiful landscape and natural environment, current owner of MATSUYASHIKI (grand-daughter of Shozo Yamaguchi) started maintenance and reinvigoration of the garden, repair of the pond and its source water stream. By these works the garden was recovered little by little and became fresh. Finally, in November 2015, the house (villa) has been remodeled to maintain its historic appearance.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Site

This private hydroelectric power plant was in operation between 1909 - 1950.
Generator was from Siemens AG in Germany.
Electricity was supplied for Kanaya Hotel.

About the bronze statue of Shōzo YAMAGUCHI

Shōzo YAMAGUCHI (1882-1944) was born in Nikko as a second son of
Zen-ichiro KANAYA, the founder of Nikko Kanaya Hotel.
In later, he became President of Fujiya Hotel in Hakone as a son-in-law of the founder Sen-nosuke YAMAGUCHI.
The property of Matsuyashiki Garden was co-owned by Shōzo and his elder brother Shin-ichi KANAYA, the second President of Kanaya Hotel.
This statue was relocated from Tokyo in 2019 beside the parking lot.

Visit the Garden

Days and hours open to the public

  • Only 4th Saturday and following Sunday from April to November.
    10:00 – 16:00 (Last entry 15:30)
  • Garden will be opened also on Golden Week holidays (beginning of May) and several days of November – the best time to see autumnal leaves.

Visiting days from April to November

  • April / 27(Sat) 28(Sun) 29(Holiday)
  • May / 3(Holiday) 4(Holiday) 5(Holiday) 6(Substitute holiday) 25(Sat) 26(Sun)
  • June / 22(Sat) 23(Sun)
  • July / 27(Sat) 28(Sun)
  • August / 24(Sat) 25(Sun)
  • September / 28(Sat) 29(Sun)
  • October / 26(Sat) 27(Sun)
  • November / 2(Sat) 3(Holiday) 4(Substitute Holiday) 6(Wed) 7(Thu) 9(Sat) 10(Sun) 13(Wed) 14(Thu) 16(Sat) 17(Sun) 20(Wed) 21(Thu) 23(Holiday)

Entrance fee

  • Adults : ¥500 (¥400 for groups of 20 or more)
    Elementary school students : ¥250 (¥200 for groups of 20 or more)

Garden Map (PDF) Download

Rules in the Garden

  • 1.Do not take photographs for commercial purpose or to shoot movies without permission of the owner.
  • 2.There are danger zones on the premises such as pond, creek and slope. Please be aware of those. We do not take any responsibility for injury to persons or personal property on premises, also for lost or damage of visitor’s belongings.
  • 3.If anyone who damaged the property, amenities and equipment of this facility, you may be charged for the damages.


Wheelchair users can move around the garden. However, an attendant is required. Electric wheelchair is not allowed.

Map & Directions

Enter the passage to Umeyashiki Ryokan, go straight about 150m to the end.

Please refer to the detailed map below:

Address:Hangakimen 2396-1, Nikko, Tochigi, 321-1414
Parking: spaces limited
Link to Googlemap
Phone number


Mail address

●From Tobu Nikko Station or JR Nikko Station
♦By Taxi : About 5 min. Tell the driver to go to "MATSUYASHIKI" or "UMEYASHIKI RYOKAN" at HANGAKIMEN.
♦By Bus :Take the Tobu Bus bound for Chuzenji, Yumoto.
Get off "Shinkyo". Walk about 15 min.

●By Car :About 2.5km from the Nikko Interchange on the Nikko-Utsunomiya Toll Road

By any way, please head for "UMEYASHIKI RYOKAN". Enter the passage of "UMEYASHIKI RYOKAN", and go straight about 150m to the end.

Spaces limited. (4 - 5 cars) Only available during the visit to MATAUYASHIKI.
Parking spaces of Umeyashiki Ryokan or Hotel Kôsho are not available.